Front and Rear Light Set - MATE X



When you combine dual-beam front light with built-in horn and rear light with built-in brake light and indicator blinkers, you’re absolutely prepared for anything that comes your way. As it all runs off the MATE’s electric power, you can ride straight into the sunset…and beyond. All lights and features are easily operated via two sleek controllers on your handlebar – both at a finger’s reach. The mini controller box pre-installed on your MATE operates the lights, while the button/switch controller (included in this package, easy installation) operates both horn and blinkers. Splitter cable included connects controller with both horn/rear blinker control switch and rear light via handy “snap in” system. Staying safe has never been so easy!


  • Full front/rear lights
  • Built-in electric horn
  • Built-in brake and indicator lights
  • “Plug and play” cable technology
  • Easy assembly
  • Runs on 48V electric systems


  • Front dual-beam light with built-in horn
  • Rear light with built-in brake and blinker lights
  • Button/switch controller
  • Splitter cable to hook up lighting system
  • All components for full installation of front/rear lighting system
  • All cables and mounting materials

Please note: The light set is not compatible with MATE X Moncler and Founder's Edition